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HMAS Harman

Commenced Contract:

April 2012


1.5 year contract

Contract Value to date:

$2.3 million

Project Description

The new Defence Network Operations Centre located at HMAS Harman in Canberra co-locates a number of previously separate information based arms of Australia’s Defence Force.

Under the new roof, the DNOC team operates Australia’s fourth largest telecommunications network operating 24/7.

The $20M project required a fast track design, documentation and construction period with only 12 months between concept design
and commissioning.

The project is the planning, design, documentation, construction and commissioning of the HMAS Harman Communications Facilities. The facility is an important national asset for the Defence organization, incorporating high levels of security and operational reliability.

The scope comprises:

  1. An extension to the existing Defence Network Operations Centre (DNOC) to house additional staff and computer equipment. DNOC is a secure, operationally critical facility that operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  2. A new stand-alone Data Centre. This is also a secure facility operating on a continual basis, containing a large number of computers, but largely unstaffed.

The site is located at HMAS Harman, between Fyshwick, ACT and Queanbeyan, NSW

DNOC Building

The building essentially comprises of

2100m2 ground floor extension

2100m2 level one extension Modifications to the existing Building 434

2012 Harman 434 extension to DATA centre upgrades fire service

Fire service bore 375m of 180mm pe

Electrical conduit 200m of 2 x 63mm pe

Sheppard electrical conduit 48m x 63mm

O’Donnell and Griffin electrical conduit 145m x 125mm pe


The building essentially comprises of the following:

5,400 m2 ground floor plant rooms and

support areas.

3,000 m2 level 1 plant rooms and support areas.

3,000 m2 level 2 plant rooms and support areas.

3,000 m2 roof plant rooms.

Fire service 585m of 180 pe

Electrical conduit 240m x 2 x 63mm

Water service 188m of 180mm pe

Fire service 80m x 180mm pe

Rainwater 80m x 63mm pe

Sewer rising main 88m x 50mm pe

O’Donnell and Griffin electrical conduit 45m x 6 x 125mm pe.